Saturday, March 5, 2011


So today, I went to the mall with my parents! It was so fun! We went to lunch at this great Italian place (I ordered this spicy shrimp in a peppercorn sauce... mmmmmmmm it was so good) So we went to William Sonoma (for my mom) and Crate and Barrel (for my mom also haha she loves those kinds of stores!) And we went to Lacoste (for my dad, but we just looked in, we didn't buy anything) We also stepped in Sephora (my mom and my dad got face cream, and with the cost of those together my mom got to get two little gifts/samples and she gave them to me! Wasn't that so sweet!? It was a little tube of Too Faced Face Primer, it is supposed to give a natural, finished look to your face and I can't wait to use it, but I don't know exactly how much I should use... but I will figure it out :) And also she got a sample of this hello kitty purple glittery eyeliner. The thing is, it is a great size, but it is actually a pencil, when you sharpen it there is actually shavings... and I don't really like those kinds because personally, I think they hurt my eyes a little... But then we went to Nordstrom's (for my dad, nothing really intersting) and then.... my parents wanted to give me a little something (for some things that have been going on in my life right now) so my mom, my dad, and I chipped in and we got this coat from Macy's. The picture isn't exactly like it but it is pretty much the same thing except there are no double buttons, just single ones, and there isn't buckles on the sleeves. But the color is the same, and the rest is the same! I am so happy because I needed a spring coat! It is soooo nice!

It might be a little blurry but if you go on Micheal Kors Website and look up the jackets you might see a clearer version... but whatever!

And just as a side note, I am not trying to brag ONE BIT! I just want to share my day with you and personally, I love watching Hauls on Youtube and I love to read blogs on what people buy and what kind of clothes they buy :) So I am not bragging at all in any way :) Thanks!


  1. Thank you so much, you are so sweet!

  2. Sorry to hear the eyeliner hurts your eyes! Seems like you had a nice day :)