Friday, March 11, 2011


I don't know if any of you guys have heard about the earthquake in Japan, but the last few days there has been an earthquake that was rated an 8.9 on the scale (which can be one of the worst types of earthquakes I think) There have been up to 1,000 people who have died and many who are/have been trapped and surrounded on land in Japan with no food or water or any chance in survival. The U.S.A is sending over some needed supplies from Taiwan (I AM NOT SURE! I AM JUST GUESSING FROM WHAT I HEARD FROM THE NEWS EARLIER TODAY! PLEASE CORRECT ME IF I AM WRONG) It is taking place in Honshu, Japan. There have been blackouts, fires, and damages mostly caused by floods (mostly, all the mud and dirt is damaging) over half the city.  I just want to say that have these people in your minds right now. The people who have lost their families, lost their home, lost anything. . . I just want to dedicate this blog to everybody who has lost someone or something in Japan and hope and pray that everyone in Hawaii and San Francisco don't get hit too hard.

I hope it is okay if I put a prayer on here:

We pray for those who died in this recent disaster.
May their souls rest in peace.
May their families be comforted.

We pray for the living survivors.
Be with them, Lord, in this traumatic time.
May they experience Your healing,
In their spirits as well as their bodies.

We pray for the communities affected.
May they come together in solidarity
To rebuild and to affirm new life
Amid the ancient stones.

I, personally am not a religious person. I really hope I don't offend anybody. I certainly do not mean to offend anybody in any way at all. I just want to say this because in my heart, it feels like the right thing to do.
I hope everything will soon come together in the end. All I personally ask is to keep the people in Japan in your thoughts, Thank you.

I REALLY HOPE I DIDN'T OFFEND ANYBODY! I ABSOLUTELY DON'T MEAN TO GO AGAINST ANY OF YOUR MORALS AND VALUES ETC. (If you are offended at all by this in any way, please email me or comment so I know what is the right thing and the wrong thing to post :D )

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