Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 10

Yay, finally reached double digits!!!!!!!! YEAH! Ok so Today (tonight) I am going to talk about my favorite band/singer which is. . . . GREENDAY! Yes, that is right. . . . It was so funny because when I told my grandma this (the one who wears a lot of lipstick and carries her "pocketbook" :D ) but when I told my grandma she thought I was talking about a day that was all for green recycling! It was really funny. But, no. I am talking about the band. With Billie Joe Armstrong, Tre Cool, and Mike Dirnt. Amazing singers, drummers, guitarists, bassists etc! But, I play guitar, and I probably know about more than half of their new sons on the 21st Century Breakdown album and a lot of older songs (American Idiot, Basket Case, Jesus of Suburbia, Minority, etc!) I LOVE THIS BAND! Check them out on youtube! AMAZING! My favorite song is Jesus of Suburbia. . . .  9 minutes is the time of the song. . . I know what you are htinking "9 minutes!? I don't have time for that!" But every minute is worth it! Not one part of that song I don't like! Hope you check it out and enjoy it!


  1. I love Greenday too!! They are so cool and love the song "I walk on a lonely road..."
    My Lyfe ; My Story

  2. I do really like greenday, but I like the oldschool greenday. I actually think that their newest album is just wretched :(