Thursday, March 3, 2011

My very serious issue....

So right now I absolutely cannot go to sleep right now so I am going to just ramble on and on! Don't we all love that!? Uhhhh...?

So I wanted to bring up this issue that is very serious, tragic, and severe:

A month ago I was at school and I went to see my guidance counselor (Everyone in my grade has to go to the guidance counselor at least twice before the year ends) So it is an hour before lunch and I am not that hungry. Just usual self. Well I go in there into this tiny little room with the counselor and we have a chat about school and life and bla bla bla :) and then... out of no where... MY STOMACH STARTS GRUMBLING AND RUMBLING! AND I COULDN'T STOP IT! IT WAS SO EMBARRASSING! What do you do in those types of situations? Do you laugh about it!? Do you try to ignore it but when you hear it there is an awkward silence (which is what exactly happened!) It was so embarrassing. So after I leave I am like okay it is okay, it was just one time, no worries, she knows that lunch is almost coming up.
Well, a couple weeks ago I have to go back. It is again before lunch. As we start talking my stomach rumbles and grumbles again! I get so embarrassed that I try to suck in my stomach to try to stop the sound so I am looking extremely awkward in her chair and my stomach is making noises and I am trying not to laugh and my face is all red and messed up... so I leave and I am thinking that I can never see her again... SO MORTIFYING
Well, yesterday I go again for one last meeting and you know what happens? You guessed it, MY STOMACH RUMBLES! And this is after lunch, I am not at all hungry (and the past three times I haven't been hungry at all either!) And it becomes so awkward and I just don't know what to do!? I can't prevent my stomach from doing this unless I cough non stop but that is not an option.... It was mortifying (and also, these are not rumbles that are quiet, it is like I ate a microphone and it is on full volume with speakers and everything)

It is so embarrassing! And I seriously do have an issue... I don't know what to do! :P Lol.... But seriously... I will not be surprised if my counselor calls my parents to ask if they are feeding me correctly :D (which they do!) What I am truly scared about if I am on a date or I am at the movies and my stomach starts talking! WHAT WILL I DO! OH WHAT WILL I DO!? :)

I think this post has reached the top most weirdest topic that was written :)


  1. I go through the same thing - it usually happens when I have a commitment!

    And I still don't know how to stop it, but do understand what you mean by embrassing!

    And thanks for the follow and i returned the favour back!

    My Lyfe ; My Story

  2. Thanks! And yea! It is so embarrassing and all they do is stare at you awkwardly! :P lol

  3. Hello, thanks for dropping by my page and for following!!
    You know I get that problem too once in a while.. Usually when Im with my boytriend and even if I'm no hungry, my stomach rumbles... I just laugh about it. At first, its embarrassing but I guessed hey, everyone's got that problem so why be embarrassed? haha =)


  4. hahaha aww don't worry! that tottally has happened to me before. i just laugh about it so show the other person that im fine with it [[even though secretly im freaking out hahaha]]

    cute blog by the way :)


  5. i do the same thing as alexandra! lol

    love the blog!


  6. thank you everybody! Your comments mean a lot to me : )