Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 2

Ok so today I is my favorite bag. I don't have many bags right now but right now I am using a Vera Bradley bag... I have a picture in one of my other blogs (I think called What's in my purse) And I talk about it. But I like this bag because it fits everything I want in it even though it is small... I am probably going to change my purse to a more spring-y one but that will be in the future. Right now I am using this one:
So right now this is my favorite bag :) YAY!


  1. hey hun thanks for your kind comments on my page. I really appreciate it. You have got such a nice blog here as well I really like it. I am also a new follower =)
    Take care

  2. Thanks so much! You are so sweet!!!!!

  3. waauuuw it is pretty!!!