Monday, February 28, 2011

I am a Night Owl!

So, I am a person who has insomnia a lot (when I have trouble getting to sleep) so I am normally up all night... which sometimes can be a pain because I have to get up really early and I am a teenager so...

Anyway, that is why I normally do blogs at night (or the ones I have done... which isn't very many) but yeah.. so just a heads up, normally all my blogs will be up at night :) because I am a night owl! In the summer, I normally stay up until probably 4 in the morning regularly :)


What's in my Purse?

So, I am the kind of person, when bored on rainy days, goes on youtube and searches for girly makeup gurus and all their videos! Yes, yes.. I am a nerd :) BUT I AM PROUD OF IT! :) So anyway, I have seen these videos on girls telling others what they carry around in their purse! Since I don't really have time to make a video (well I do but the only time is at night when every one else in my house is asleep! and that is why I write at night!) So anyway, I can't make a video right now so I am just gonna blog it up! YAHOOTI! So here we go....

So normally I carry a small purse in the winter, more like a hand bag or a large clutch or something like this:

(or exactly like this because this is the exact one I have) Because I don't really go out that much in the winter to places where I absolutely need a whole purse with me, I can just take a small purse or large wallet with me! Also, I am in school and since I already have a huge backpack to lug around, and so all I really need is a wallet to occasionally buy lunch or snacks/drinks from the vending machine and there are probably 50 extra pockets in my backpack to fit everything else I need :) But yeah, so this is what I normally carry around on the weekends or after school or something special. It's small, cute, and colorful :)

So let us talk about what is inside the purse!
Since it is small, I only carry around a couple things, just the necessities!

So finally, after my jabbering.......
1. Wallet (Vera bradley wristlet type thingy)
  • Inside the wallet is just like $2, some chapstick, extra non valid gift cards that I am too lazy to throw away, pictures of me and my best friend, and just extra coins... a normal wallet! 
2. Normally, I bring a snack with me (hahaha) something really small like 3 crackers, or a couple gummy worms, or some gum.... YUM!
3. I don't really carry a LOT of makeup (even though I do love it) but when I am out I don't really worry about my makeup and I don't want to bring all these makeup products and then have to unpack them all when I get home so....
  • Extra hairbands
  • Chapstick
  • Lipgloss
  • Compact mirror
  •  Hand Lotion
  • Evian Spray (To freshen up and rejuvenate your face)
  • Individual hairbrush with mirror attatched (where you fold it.... I can't really describe it)
I don't carry that much makeup in the winter, but in the summer I carry around a lot more :)
4. Also, I am a complete nerd and I carry around a calculator!
5. A camera, never know when it is a picture perfect moment!
6. Sunglasses... Kind of self explanatory but in the winter (it gets super cold and snowy here) and the light reflects off and it literally will hurt your eyes if you don't have sunglasses. Also, I have no where else to put my sunglasses!
7. Last but not least.......a cell phone, but I carry this with me always!

Note: Thank you so much for reading all of this because I know this is a 3 page essay but that is because I like to talk and share with everybody! So whoever suffered through this whole thing, congrats :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Harry Potter

It explains it all in the title. I love Harry Potter. Whoever agrees with me, email me and we can talk about it because I literally will talk on and on and on about Harry Potter. Every interview with Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson etc on youtube I have already watched. Every Harry Potter game, I have played. Every Harry Potter topic, I have discussed. Every time someone says the name Harry Potter, my heart skips a beat. I am an obsessed, creeping fan and proud of it! lol. I think J.K Rowling is such a great author! I could go on and on about Harry Potter but there isn't enough time on this Earth for me to show my true feelings : )
Whoever agrees, leave a comment! Follow me! Email me!

La La La Lush!

So I like Lush.
Scratch that, I LOVE LUSH.
You walk into that store and immediately you get attacked by wonderful scents and aromas... SO GOOD!
Personally, my favorite products are bath bombs. To be specific: I have no idea. lol. Really, I haven't known about it that much but it is a great store for presents for your girlfriends or daughters or any young teenage girl. It is kind of like bath and body works but (this is just my opinion) but I like Lush better because Lush has more of a variety of bath accessories (hahah yes i did just say bath accessories!)

These are the products that I have recently bought:

Satsumo Santa- I bought this for sister and she said it was really great! It smells sooo good (citrus-y) and it is kind of like a rejuvenator (if that is a word) It kind of wakes you up : )

You've been Mangoed: I LA LA LA LOVE THIS! Oh my goodness gracious, it is so delicious. If it tasted good, I probably would have eaten it because it smelled so good and delicious and I felt like I was in the Bahamas. I felt so refreshed and tropical (I know, I sound like a person in the backround of an infomercial.) But, all you did was just stick it in a bath and just let it melt (because it is called a bath melt! CAPTAIN OBVIOUS)  Bottom line, it was a good buy

Avobath: So I haven't used this one yet but it has some avocado in it which is really good for your skin and it smells amazing. It is basically a bath bomb so it is a big ball that when you put in hot water, it explodes in a fizzy mess and it is really cool to watch!

Ceridwen's Cauldron: I haven't used this yet because I am saving it for one of those stressed nights when you don't know what to do with yourself because you are so stressed out from finals. Anyway, It smells like lavender (the key ingredient!) and oatmeal and this kind of milk stuff that is really good for your skin. What's cool about this is the product is wrapped in a fish net cloth because it has actual oats in it so it will clog your bath drain so the net holds all the oats and bits of stuff :)

My Winter Loves

So, I get really stressed out in the winter-spring (or probably the whole school year!) Because I am in high-school and there is one word that I absolutely despise! No, two words... HOMEWORK AND TESTS! I get really stressed out (as we all) and I need something to calm me down and I found a way! CANDLES! Especially the kind from Bath and Body Works. They smell amazing and literally they calm me down and help me de-stress in a heart beat. My favorite, personally, is Lavender flavored candles ( I don't know if there is one like lavender in Bath and Body Works but there is no problem in looking!) But anyway, candles are really awesome! YEAH! Lol.
Bath and Body Work's candles are so good because you can buy the three-wick candles or you can buy the smaller ones (I prefer this kind) and they all smell AMAZING! And they are soooo relllaaaaaaxxxxxxiiiiinnnnnnggggg! JUST SAYING :)

Coastal Scents

Ok, so right now my Coastal Scents 28 Neutral Pallet today! For those of you who do not know what Coastal Scents is, it is an online website or makeup and makeup brushes. AND IT IS ALL LOW PRICE AND GOOD QUALITY! here is the link: and take a look at the website! What arrived today was the 28 Neutral Pallet and oh my gosh its so cool! I have already used it and practiced with the colors and different looks and it has great pigmentation and it is only $18.99! YAHOOTI! So take a loo around the website (and no I am not promoting this or advertising this for money or anything this is all my opinion, I bought this with my own money... JUST SAYING!) But anyway, it is a really great product.

These are the 2 pallets I have from Coastal Scents... so over all fantastic buy!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Questions and Answers!

This post will always be incomplete because there are always going to be questions asked. Let me know any questions you have and feel free to leave a comment!

What do you like about makeup?
I love experimenting and playing with it! Every body is beautiful in their own way. No body needs makeup. Makeup doesn't create beauty, it enhances it!

Have you always been girly?
NO WAY! I used to be the biggest tom boy ever! I would refuse to put on makeup! Don't ask me why, because I do not know!

What is your favorite book?
Everytime someone asks me that, I immediatly answer The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling. There is not one word in that book I do not like. You would call it obsessed, I would call it being a good fan of Harry Potter!

Favorite brand of Makeup?
I don't have just one brand of makeup that I buy from, but if I had to chose one, I would chose Coastel Scents. It is an online website that has great quality of makeup and low prices!!

What kind of music do you like?
I like all things really. EXCEPT COUNTRY! Well, most country, some songs are few exceptions. My favorite band is Greenday!

What is your biggest pet peeve?
When people don't say goodbye. I am a big fan of texting and chatting on facebook that is instant message. I always get really irritated if someone just logs off or stops replying without giving me a heads up. It is not really that big of a deal but it is common courtesy!

What are your favorite places to shop?
Forever 21, Sephora, Lush, Coastal Scents, Target, and Old Navy

What TV series do you enjoy?
True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Sex and the City, Pretty Little Liars, Modern Family, Degrassi, Drop Dead Diva, NCIS, and Gilmore Girls

What is your favorite food?
Sushi is my absolute favorite food ever! If I ate it every single day for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, I would never get sick of it!

Can you speak another language other than English?
Yes, I am currently learning Spanish and French at my school right now ( I am the only one taking two languages in my whole school because I love to learn about new cultures and languages. ) I love Spanish because it is such a beautiful language and the culture. I also am learning French because I lived in Paris, France for 2 years when I was younger so I wanted to keep French in my life.

If you have any more questions leave a comment below! I can't think of any others right now! :D

About Me

Hey Everyone! I figured I would do a quick introduction for those of you that don't know me :) 

My name is Julia, and I am 15 years old. I love to experience and learn about new things, meeting new people, and I love to talk! This blog might cover makeup, clothes, reviews, tips about life (random!) and anything I feel like I want to talk about or write about. 

I am still young so I am not a professional. I am just a teenage girl who loves to experiment with new things and who loves life! 
Feel free to email me at if you have a question, suggestion, comments, or anything you want to talk about! I would be happy to help in any way or just talk to you!