Sunday, February 27, 2011

La La La Lush!

So I like Lush.
Scratch that, I LOVE LUSH.
You walk into that store and immediately you get attacked by wonderful scents and aromas... SO GOOD!
Personally, my favorite products are bath bombs. To be specific: I have no idea. lol. Really, I haven't known about it that much but it is a great store for presents for your girlfriends or daughters or any young teenage girl. It is kind of like bath and body works but (this is just my opinion) but I like Lush better because Lush has more of a variety of bath accessories (hahah yes i did just say bath accessories!)

These are the products that I have recently bought:

Satsumo Santa- I bought this for sister and she said it was really great! It smells sooo good (citrus-y) and it is kind of like a rejuvenator (if that is a word) It kind of wakes you up : )

You've been Mangoed: I LA LA LA LOVE THIS! Oh my goodness gracious, it is so delicious. If it tasted good, I probably would have eaten it because it smelled so good and delicious and I felt like I was in the Bahamas. I felt so refreshed and tropical (I know, I sound like a person in the backround of an infomercial.) But, all you did was just stick it in a bath and just let it melt (because it is called a bath melt! CAPTAIN OBVIOUS)  Bottom line, it was a good buy

Avobath: So I haven't used this one yet but it has some avocado in it which is really good for your skin and it smells amazing. It is basically a bath bomb so it is a big ball that when you put in hot water, it explodes in a fizzy mess and it is really cool to watch!

Ceridwen's Cauldron: I haven't used this yet because I am saving it for one of those stressed nights when you don't know what to do with yourself because you are so stressed out from finals. Anyway, It smells like lavender (the key ingredient!) and oatmeal and this kind of milk stuff that is really good for your skin. What's cool about this is the product is wrapped in a fish net cloth because it has actual oats in it so it will clog your bath drain so the net holds all the oats and bits of stuff :)

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  1. thank you so much for checking out my blog.
    i am a total lush addict, which will be completely shown in upcoming posts.
    love your blog as well, ill definitely be following. :)