Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Winter Loves

So, I get really stressed out in the winter-spring (or probably the whole school year!) Because I am in high-school and there is one word that I absolutely despise! No, two words... HOMEWORK AND TESTS! I get really stressed out (as we all) and I need something to calm me down and I found a way! CANDLES! Especially the kind from Bath and Body Works. They smell amazing and literally they calm me down and help me de-stress in a heart beat. My favorite, personally, is Lavender flavored candles ( I don't know if there is one like lavender in Bath and Body Works but there is no problem in looking!) But anyway, candles are really awesome! YEAH! Lol.
Bath and Body Work's candles are so good because you can buy the three-wick candles or you can buy the smaller ones (I prefer this kind) and they all smell AMAZING! And they are soooo relllaaaaaaxxxxxxiiiiinnnnnnggggg! JUST SAYING :)

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