Sunday, February 27, 2011

Coastal Scents

Ok, so right now my Coastal Scents 28 Neutral Pallet today! For those of you who do not know what Coastal Scents is, it is an online website or makeup and makeup brushes. AND IT IS ALL LOW PRICE AND GOOD QUALITY! here is the link: and take a look at the website! What arrived today was the 28 Neutral Pallet and oh my gosh its so cool! I have already used it and practiced with the colors and different looks and it has great pigmentation and it is only $18.99! YAHOOTI! So take a loo around the website (and no I am not promoting this or advertising this for money or anything this is all my opinion, I bought this with my own money... JUST SAYING!) But anyway, it is a really great product.

These are the 2 pallets I have from Coastal Scents... so over all fantastic buy!

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