Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 5

Ok, I can't believe it has only been 5 days! It feels like it has been 2 weeks! I totally have summer fever if that is a real thing but in my head this is what it means:

Summer Fever: The act of being excited for summer and warmth that your head explodes and the weeks start to go slower. . . .

If you have any other way to describe that, let me know! :D

Ok, anyway, the real reason for this blog was not to give the definition for summer fever, but to blog on my 5th day of the 30 day challenge: What is my favorite thing to do. . . this is a pretty broad question, but I think over all I would say hanging out with people, new people, family, friends, anybody :) But, I think that would be anybody's favorite thing (or the majority, but if it isn't that is fine too!) So, I am going to narrow it down a little. I think my favorite thing to do would probably be going to the beach! Where I live, there are no great beaches so I am in need of a beach! But when I visit my grandparents (Which is probably once a year) I go to the beach with them and I think that pretty much  highlights my whole year (unless I did something outrageous like go skydiving or something but right now, lets just go with a normal year!) I love the beach. It is warm, there is sand in between your toes, you get to tan, there is nice, fresh water, you get to pretend to be a kid again and build sandcastles and have no body give you weird looks (ok, people give me weird looks but WHATEVER!) there are cute boys, and last but totally not least, I just feel happier when I am at the beach. I don't know, maybe it is teenage year emotional rollercoaster, but I always feel happy and refreshed and just free and open again when I am at the beach. Does that make sense at all? Also, I love the beach because whenever I go it is always an outing with my family.

My Family's Beach Necessities:

1. Big huge bag
2. Too many towels
3. Mats to put your towels on so they won't get all sandy
4. Big huge umbrella
5. Snacks: Triscuits, Pringles, Juice Boxes, Cool Ranch Doritos (And these are the only snacks we bring, I don't know why not others, but it always has to be these snacks. . . . weird)
6. Sun Tan Lotion
7. My mom's bag
8. My sister's bag
9. My bag (which normally consists of seventeen magazine, Herbal Essence Tousle Me Softly (SO PRETTY FOR BEACHY WAVES!) Book, and Towel etc.
10. Beach Chairs

SO. . . with all that stuff to bring, it is pretty much like we are going to live at the beach :) But I love going to the beach and I am somewhat glad that I don't live near the beach because then I would know I would go all the time until I am sick of it! And I don't want to be sick of it! My cousins, for example, live near the beach, and every time we visit them my family and I are always like "LETS GO TO THE BEACH!" and my cousins are always like "No, I don't like the beach it is too sandy, and we have been there so many times it isn't fun anymore" Has that ever happened to you with something you loved. Like if you got a trampoline and for the first few weeks you were jumping 24/7 but then after a month you got so sick of it??? Comment below if something like that has ever happened to you :)

But anyway, my favorite thing to do is go to the beach, wether it is swimming, tanning, sleeping on the sand, building sand castles (or my personal favorite, to build a hole as deep as you can until you can jump in it and have the edges be above your head! IT IS SO FUN, TRY IT!)
But to conclude, I LOVE THE BEACH!!!


Comment below and tell me what your favorite thing to do is :)

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