Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 4

So, right now I am taking a break from studying biology... yahoo!

So today, I am supposed to write about my favorite makeup product I wish I had... which is Urban Decay Primer Potion. I have heard so many great reviews about this product and it is supposed to be a really great primer for your eyes... which I am in dire need of! (ok maybe not dire but I really want it!) Every single day, I put on my eye makeup and at the end of the day when I shut my eyelids there is nothing but different colored streaks (the colors of the eyeshadows I put on) and it looks really unatractive and I really wish I had this product so I can stop that from happening :) But for now, all I have is concealer. I am thinking about getting this product for my sister because she is getting into makeup like I am (she is 18) and so I am thinking about buying it for her first so I can see if she likes it and then I might get it for myself... but one problem is that I don't drive ( I am 15 and yea I know I am supposed to already know how to drive, but I find driving terrifying and so I am not going to learn how to drive unless I absolutely need to which is probably going to be after college but I don't know!) But anyway... I really want this product but I can't drive myself to the mall that is half an hour away and yesterday, I was only looking for the jacket so I didn't have time to go into Sephora. But yea... I might buy this product soon but I don't know... if you have this tell me about it! Is it a good buy, is it going to prevent creasing like everybody says it does? Anything, I would love to hear your comments!


  1. Wow... it's good that you know how to drive at 15 =)And after reading this post it reminded me that I need to go to Sephora (it's been 4 months)
    And hope you have a great Sunday!
    Good luck with biology! =)
    My Lyfe ; My Story

  2. no I am saying I don't know how to drive... I am hoping I am not going to have to drive until after college or something because I am scared of driving and cars and all that (I am a big baby haha)
    thanks and I hope you have a great sunday too!

  3. i was terrified of driving when i was your age. the thought of it made me cringe. i didnt get my license until i was a senior in high school and i wish i had gotten it when i turned sixteen. dont be afraid of driving, just be cautious. everything will work out for you. just think of it this way - if you get your license you can go to sephora whenever you want!
    anyway, you are going to want your license pretty soon because all of the fantastic opportunities life will give you. dont give up and stay positive


  4. oh, also urban decay primer potion is one of my absolute favorite products. its worth every penny. :)

  5. ok thanks!! And yea the thing is I have been in many situations where there have been almost accidents (and I am not talking about swerving the car or anything like that) and it just is really scary! and yea that is really inspirational and thanks for the great advice :) and yea that is a good point about getting to sephora :) :P

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  7. i totally understand about the accident thing.
    my friend was killed in a gnarly accident when she was a freshman in high school which triggered the scariness of it all. two days before graduation i was actually run over by a car. i know how scary cars can be to a person.
    sont feel any pressure to get your license if you arent ready. because it will happen when it is time for you, i promise! the best thing that can happen is you feeling safe behind the wheel.

    if you need anything, let me know. im definitely here to talk :)
    keep your head up. you are so fun to read :)

  8. I am so sorry about your friend and I am so sorry about how you got run over by a car! That is so terrible :( and thanks so much, that all means so much to me and I might take you up on that later :) :) and I love your blog too :)

  9. its all okay. sometimes you just need someone to chat with about things :)
    life throws you curve balls, you know?
    and thanks! my blog is literally me just messing around with words and pictures. im really glad you like it <3
    i have a lot of reviews and pictures im planning on uploading soon, im just a lazy girl with papers to write!
    im also planning a giveaway on my blog once the order comes in the mail.

  10. thats great! and I will be sure to be on the look out for those things! :)