Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 9

Today, I am going to blog about my favorite pair of shoes that I own!!!!! Just to add on, I will put in a pair of shoes that I wish I had and I am going to put my favorite boots by season!!! So here we go:

So this is my favorite winter/fall boots:  
So this isn't the exact pair, but it is really close except the boots are not brown and they have three square buckles, not circular like these ones! These are my favorite winter boots because first, they are super duper cute, and mine are black so they match everything! And they are so cute with skirts and skinny jeans!! YAY! Because that is basically everything I wear for pants : )
Note:  These specific boots are from DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) and they are $70.00 according to the website. I think my boots were $30.00 but I don't know because I got them from Christmas!

So here are my favorite spring/summer shoes:
(BESIDE FLIP FLOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I have these in brown... I love wearing these with shorts and skirts in the summer (Because here, it gets so hot I can't stand wearing pants, even at night! I would die! I mean I think it is just me because everyone else seemes to be fine with it, but I get so hot and my legs are so uncomfortable and ack! But, summer and warmth is still so far away!) But, yea I love these shoes! They look really uncomfortable but they actually are pretty comfortable.... Shoe tip: If you think shoes are going to give you blisters, rub Vaseline on the spot where you might get blisters before you go out, and bring a small jar of it with you so if it starts to hurt again you can put it there. Something about the slipperiness and texture helps a lot!!!!!!!

 Shoes I want to buy:

Product Image Women's Mossimo Supply Co. Wakana Strappy Wedge Sandals - Brown
Ok, so these shoes, I will probably never buy in my life. I wouldn't have anywhere to wear them except probably a wedding but I have never been invited to a wedding before :( But, I don't really go to fancy places where I could go out and wear these.
School: I wear a uniform
Special Events: I have got plenty of other shoes I can wear that I haven't worn in a while
Going out with my friends: I don't go anywhere except my house, movies, or the mall recently so....
Also, I really would like these because I don't own a single pair of heels in my closet (because I am a complete klutz and can't even walk straight in flats!) And, I think that these are really cute!!!!! But, I don't absolutely need them so I have plenty of other things! :)

 Hope this was somewhat interesting!! It was part of the 30 day challenge... AND I FEEL TERRIBLE BECAUSE IT IS OVER MIDNIGHT RIGHT NOW, BUT I FEEL LIKE SINCE I HAVEN"T GONE TO SLEEP YET, IT DOESN'T COUNT!