Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 8

Today, I am supposed to blog about my favorite picture that makes me laugh... well here it is:

This makes me laugh because I was such a weird kid. I was that kid who everybody thought was weird. I would call people normal and call myself weird just because it made me different. I would wear mis-matching socks just to look weird. . . . . .  . And the big thing was that I would mispronounce people's names on purpose just to annoy them. . . . I was just a weird child and this picture makes me laugh because it reminds me how weird I was! I took this picture when I was living in France and we were visiting Amsterdam with my grandma and we were just about to go out to look at the annex of Anne Frank and I was waiting for my grandma to finish up putting on her lipstick (is it just my grandmas or is every grandma obsessed with putting on lipstick and having their "pocketbook" with them! comment below if this is the case or otherwise!) and her camera was on the bed so I decided to take some weird pictures :) This is not what I look like now. . . . This is what I look like:

And here I am making another funny face!! YAY!!!!!!! Hope this blog was a little interesting. . . if not I hope the pictures were at least a LITTLE entertaining :)


  1. Hehe, you kinda look like my friend Philly :) and my grandma always wears lipstick too :D

  2. lol... these pictures brought a smile to my face too!
    My Lyfe ; My Story

  3. great pics, lovely blog! Hope to see you again soon,